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Beta Zeolite

Beta zeolite,having a unique three-dimensional 12-membered ring cross channel structure,is composed by mixing two polycrystals which are closely related to each other in the structure,and the two polycrystals are composed of the tetrahedral structure units which are symmetric based on the same center and arranged according to the layer.The two structures are composed of the tertiary structure units(TBU)which are symmetric based on the same center,wherein these TBUs are arranged in layer and subsequently connected in the form of left hand and right hand,This connection causes the twist along the channel of the direction C.

Beta zeolite shows an excellent catalytic performance in catalytic cracking,hydrocracking,hydroisomerization,hydrodewaxing,aromatics alkylation,olefin hydration,olefin etherification and other petroleum refining and petrochemical processes.

The varieties for the typical products of Beta Zeolite produced by JiuLong Chemical Co.,Ltd.are listed as follows,and the other products of this series also can be produced according to the requirements of the user:

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