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Y-type Zeolite

Y-type zeolite refers to a diamond-like hexagonal close-packed structure.If the carbon atoms node of the diamond is replaced by taking the β cage as the structure unit,and the two adjacent β cages are connected through a hexagonal prism cage.i.e.5 β cages are connected through 4 hexagonal prism cages,a β cage is set in the center,and the other 4 β cages are located in the top of the regular tetrahedron,so as to form the crystal structure of octahedral type zeolite.In case of the continuous connection based on the structure,the structure of the Y-type zeolite can be obtained.In such a structure,the large cage composed of the β cages and the hexagonal prism cages is an octahedral zeolite cage,in which the communicant window holes are 12-membered ring,and the average effective pore size is 0.74nm,which is the pore size of the Y-type zeolite.The structure of X-type zeolite is completely the same with that of Y-type zeolite,but the silica-alumina ratio of Y-type zeolite is relatively higher,the hydrothermal stability is stronger,and therefore the application of Y-type zeolite is wider.

The post-treated and modified Y-type zeolite is the main active component of the fluid,catalytic cracking catalyst.Y-type zeolite is also applied to hydrocracking,isomerization and alkylating catalysts.The NaY zeolite without the exchange and modification is an efficient desiccant.

The varieties for the typical products of Y-type Zeolite produced by JiuLong Chemical Co.,Ltd.are listed as follows,and the other products of this series also can be produced according to the requirements of the user:

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