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Actived alumina desiccant precautions

Activated alumina desiccant manufacturers pointed out that the nature of desiccant is non-toxic, odorless, non-powdered, insoluble in water, widely used in petrochemical gas and liquid phase drying, as well as textile industry, oxygen industry and automated instrumentation wind Drying, air separation industry pressure swing adsorption, etc., because its single molecular adsorption layer of high net heat, it is very suitable for non-thermal regeneration device, then in the continuous use process should pay attention to what?
Active alumina desiccant precautions:
First, do not open the package before use, so as not to absorb moisture, affect the use of results.
Second, activated alumina desiccant is suitable for deep drying, the use of conditions for pressure greater than 5 kg/cm2 is appropriate.
Third, the use of a certain time, the adsorption performance will gradually decline, should be recycled, remove the adsorbed water in order to repeatedly use the gas for regeneration operations, need to meet the reaction conditions should be:
1. Dry gas with lower or same pressure than when drying.
2. Dry gas with a higher or equal temperature than when drying.
3. Wet gas after warming up or after decompression.

Activated alumina desiccant, white ball, strong ability to absorb water, under a certain operating conditions and regeneration conditions, its drying depth up to a dew point temperature below -70 °C, is a trace of water deep drying high efficiency desiccant, pay attention to the above The use of the three major issues in the process can improve the recycling rate of the product.

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