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Instructions for use of zeolites

In order to achieve good operating performance and as long as possible, the use of a certain period of time must be recycled.

Properly regenerated zeolites, like fresh ones, are very low in their adsorption properties and mechanical properties of decay and aging.

There are two basic methods for the regeneration of molecular sieves:

1) change the temperature, that is, variable temperature". It removes the adsorbed material by heating the molecular sieve. The industry usually heats up the preheated gas, sweeps the molecular sieve to about 200, and takes away the adsorbate from the desorption.

2) change the relative pressure, that is, the variable pressure". Generally used for gas phase adsorption process. The basic method is to keep the adsorbent temperature constant and remove the adsorbate by reducing the pressure and the back blowing of the inert gas.

Remark: according to the actual working condition

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